Saturday, March 16, 2013

Happy National Quilting Day!

Well, I didn't do lots of quilting today, but I did work on my Whimsical Gardens Applique.  Not done with Block #2 yet.  But, I'm making progress.

Yesterday I got the binding on this while watching TV with the family.  This was UFO #1 on Liz's UFO Challenge.  I still have another one that is ready for bordering.  I'm going to use my florals for piano keys around it.  The next one is a little larger, so the piano keys will make it larger.
So, we finally got to the last mission in San Antonio.  DD was not totally happy to be there with just her parents.  LOL She wanted her brother with us, but he had to work. 
DH and I under the trees.  It was a beautiful day and the temps were high 70's but very comfortable.  We ate lunch under the trees and DD enjoyed using her bird whistle while there. 
I might try and do something else tonight, but it is getting late and I'm tired.  Amazing what the fresh air will do to my energy level.  LOL


Marge Gordon said...

Mission Concepcion was a favorite of mine, one I visited many times when we lived there. One time I went to mass there, and another time I showed up just in time for a mariachi concert, what lively music, held on one of the patios. And at Christmas the mariachis were there performing Christmas carols, oh how special! Thanks for the memories… well for bringing mine back out of the memory banks.

Liz Morgan said...

Congratulations on completing one of your UFO 1 for the month! 8) I am still working on mine and hoping I finish by end of the month!

We hope to visit Mission Concepcion on our cross country trips next year! We are planning on traveling in our 5th wheel next year before heading to our new home back to Hawaii. 8)

I love reading your blog Mel!

Thank you for sharing! 8)