Sunday, March 31, 2013


Well, the black and white and red all over quilt has the binding sewn on by machine.  Now to get it done for the hand stitching.  That quilt will have used 13 yards of fabric and is another UFO, so I'm excited about getting this done.

Since DH is watching Wicked Tuna more and would like me with him for company, this will be something I can do while sitting in my chair.  ":)

I have been crocheting scarves, now I need to figure out who is getting which ones.  I have way too many of them.  LOL  They are easy.  I just added a yellow row to the edge of a blue scarf and like the results, but it took lots of time and my hands don't like me right now.  :(  Crocheting is difficult on my hands at times. 

We had rain today!  That is a good thing, so I'm happy for that.

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