Friday, March 29, 2013


Those twist scarves are interesting.  I figured out that the yarn is what makes them twist and they are EASY!  I found the yarn on Wednesday and this is what I've done so far. 

There are lots of colors to play with.  I started making them the way the video said, and they were not really full.  I actually like them less full.  Then at my applique class, one of the ladies said she did them a different way, so I tried that and they use more yarn and are fuller.  Others like that. 

 The skein says use one skein and it is really LONG (see the yellow and green one above.  That is too long for me, and I don't like to wrap so much around my neck.  So, next time, I use half the skein and get 2 scarves out of it.

Then another friend said she saw a blue and yellow one that the lady did 2 different colors.  I tried to do them both together and I didn't like the look, so I ripped it out.  Then, while making another one, I thought about alternating the colors (see the red and purple one).  It worked, but got confusing at times.
So, now I have another crocheted fun item that makes up easy.  Might be a gift at end of school for the female teachers.  Now what to do for the men.

Now to get back to quilting.  LOL

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