Sunday, April 5, 2009

Sunday update

Ended March in the hole 17.37 yards. That's from all the purple quilt fabrics I needed. I'll use most of that up while making this purple quilt. So, I start April with this:

Fabric usage goal --100 yards-- 104.74 to go
Fabric Added This Week - 8.25 yards
Fabric Added Year to Date - 33 yards
Fabric Used This Week -4.71 yards
Fabric Used Year to Date - 23.26 yards
Fabric Used this month - (1.04) yards
Net year to date: (4.74) yards

Judy is having us do the check in again this year. Accountability is a good thing I did finish making a birthday block for the birthday runaways. I also finished the flowered 4-patch. So, I did a little this week. I worked on a number of other quilts, but they are not finished, so don't count for my stash busting.

Next week might be a problem too because of it being my birthday week. Gifts of fabric seem to come in around this time of year.


Sue H said...

I got myself out of the gift problem -- if I didn't buy it or ask for it, it doesn't count!

Brenda said...

I peeked at yesterdays post and those projects look great!! Have a Happy Birthday when it happens (or has it??)!! and keep up the great stashbusting numbers!! ;-)

Hey, a change in numbers is a change in numbers and you can work on the 'right' direction later!!

Great insperation on this post! Thanks!!

Donna said...

My birthday is this week too and I know what you mean about the fabric coming in. It's hard to get too upset about getting squishies in the mail though.