Friday, April 10, 2009

Still working away

I am more than half done on the binding on the quilt I tried the new design on. Only problem, I didn't take a picture of it yet. I will when the binding is done.

I started quilting another charity quilt with some brown variegated thread. I think the thread is actually too soft for the Gammill. I was trying it out before I used it on the friend's wonderful quilt and am glad I did. Now to find some better thread for her quilt.

I'm getting my ocean waves birthday blocks in. 2 have come in so far. They are so pretty. I will have fun putting this one together. I have 16 of mine (one is missing because it is in the bag to work on this weekend) and the 2 birthday ones. They will add variety to my quilt. I should end up with 14 of these from others. 14 + 16 = 30. How many more do I need? Thanks for all sending in my blocks.

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