Saturday, April 11, 2009

Saturday small group

We had only three of there today. Wanda was home not feeling well.
Ina was working on some tiny stars for a block of the month.
Lana was finishing up the top for the Woodland Oaks HOA donation quilt. It's now my time to quilt and bind it. What a fun quilt.
I didn't finish anything today. I did start working on the star points for the purple quilt I've been collecting fabrics for. I sewed all the ones I'd already cut, but I think I need lots more to make this quilt. I really need to figure out how many I need. Might be helpful? So, now I have some star points and some 4 patches. I could start putting a block together to see how it looks. That should be fun.
I started working on the baby quilt that I need. This panel came in a kit, but I didn't like the big slabs of fabric they used to put it together. So, I am winging it. I put the square in a square between parts of the panel. Now, I need to figure out how many more I need to make in order to make it wider. I really wanted to finish something today, but the day was a slow day. I might need to add in some oher fabrics to this kit. We shall see.
It was good to be out with friends.
Hope everyone has a wonderful Easter.

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Kim said...

I have that panel if you want it- I could never find the matching fabrics