Friday, September 14, 2007

Went to the San Antonio Quilt Show

Well, I didn't think I was going to get there. DH changed his flight and came in at 1130 instead of 1530. :( But, he took me to lunch and then dropped me off until 1800 and I had a blast. Quilters are such fun people.

This is what I got at the show.

No fabric for me.

I got some stuff to make a rug out of 1" strips of fabric. Maybe I can get some nice rugs in my kitchen now. I hope I bought the book that went with it. I got the Quilted cross book, and Strippin' Time book. I got some charms that have a pattern with it for a gift. (no, I'm not telling who it is for), a thread holder, a thread feeder, two small name tag "bags". a tea cup card, a waste basket, 5 towels for teachers, 2 earrings, a kep ring, a pin, fun socks for DD, a purse pattern, an embroidery disk, a Christmas ornament, 2 new Xblock rulers, and a seam ripper that is supposed to be easier to use.

I had fun, and was proud tht I didn't buy fabric for me.

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