Monday, September 3, 2007

mystery again

I just cut out a mystery quilt that Marge of Delaware Quilts is doing. It is an easy one, or so she says. Only 4.5" and 8.5" squares. hummmm makes you wonder, but that is the fun of a mystery. I decided to go 100% scrappy. I needed 42 light 4.5" squares, 42 med/dark 4.5" squares, and 21 8.5" med/dark squares. So, I used novelty fabrics. I find the one thing I am missing in my stash is lights. Lots of mediums, many darks, but only a few true lights.

I also looked at a mystery that Cindy is doing. I am having trouble figuring out which fabrics to choose for it. I really would like to have an idea of who it was going to before I started it, but I don't have a NEED right at this moment. I'm sure one will come up, but not a current need.

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