Friday, September 7, 2007

Still quilting the UFO round robin

Well, got it loaded, the machine ready to quilt. Started to do the quilting. Have an idea of doing swirls. Well, the swirls turned into flowers. Doing flowers and meandering and outlining of the embroidery and other parts take a long time. LOL But, I wanted to quilt this one a little closer together because of the type of use it will get. LOL So, I am about half way done.

I found out that the little quilting group I joined last month is meeting tomorrow. I was not sure, but got the call tonight. My to do listing is:
1. Ocean Waves -- I have leftover hst that I need to use. Most have a white background, so it is going to be white and colors. I have 8 done, and think I need at least 24 to make a decent sized quilt.
2. Disappearing 9-patch. I want to try this pattern out. I will use the leftover 9 patches I have been using as starter/enders and give it a try. I have 6", 9" and 12" 9 patches. I'm going to play and see what I come up with.
3. Continue to use the left over 9 patches for starter/enders.
4. Put the corners on my Feathered Star and make the backing for it.
5. Blue and White Christmas Quilt. Get some input on whether I need to add a small white border and then another blue border, or leave it the way it is. I also need to make the backing for this one.
6. Sew a label on a QOV and get it ready to mail.
7. Start the Paper pieced Future Heirlooms quilt. I need to get this done this month.

To much to finish, but I like to take all I can with me in case I get bored and need some help. LOL

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Kim said...

what?????? No picture??? The nerve :-D
I got 100 of orange/light and 100 of yellow/light hsts done and made the tubes for the rest maybe just maybe if I don't over do it I'll have BOTH colors done by Sunday night...what a concept :)
I mailed your hubby's bday card this morning - yeah yeah it will be late but it's become a tradition to send goofy cards....