Monday, April 2, 2018

Postcards galore

I had a great post card day.
five in total!
Thank you to Inge for the courthouse step birthday card. I love your fabrics and how tiny those logs are. Wow, you are an excellent piecer.
Thank you Miriam for the pink and green jug card. So very precise. Beautiful!
Miriam also sent me a blue moon with the tulle that looks like water. I love the way you did you moon rising from the water.
Sherri, thank you for the opposites card. How creative! Opposite colors of blue and orange AND opposite on food chain of Cat & Bird. The bird on the top of the cat is adorable. You  are definitely creative. I tend to be more black and white.  LOL
Sherri also sent me a blue moon with a cat sitting on the moon. I love the Angelina fibers. I have some of those around here somewhere. Guess I need to find them. She also has a little star hanging from the moon.
Adorable cards.

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