Saturday, April 7, 2018

Not my normal day

Started the day in the studio and worked on a couple of small tasks.
Started sorting the bin of fabrics.
Then, DD and I went on out adventure.
I had a free drink from Stellar Cafe
We needed to go to San Marcos to get stuff from the dorm, so it made sense to get my free drink.
Chai Tea was what I picked.
DD got strawberry lemonade.
This is DD's favorite place to study and enjoy their drinks.
Off we went to out favorite Candle Company.
Michelle and Mary are the best and love their candles.

Perfect day with a wonderful daughter!
Then, off to a follow-up doctor appointment.
Since DD had been having a Charley horse in both calves, we wanted to talk to them about this new problem.
Well, that turned into getting blood drawn and being told to go to the ER.
They were concerned with blood clots because of some meds she was on. :(
Spent hours (even though they were quick) in the ER.
The wait was worth it.
Everything is OK, probably just had a problem with electrolytes.
She needs to be more careful with how much she is drinking to stay hydrated.

By the time we got home, I was in no mood to sew.
Today is another day, and I hope to get something accomplished!

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Kate said...

Oh how scary! Emergency room visits are never fun. Hopefully, your DD has it figured out now. It's so hard to take good care of yourself when you are in college. Hope you can find some time to stitch today. Sounds like you could use some blissful distraction.