Monday, April 9, 2018

Design Wall Monday

Linking to Design Wall Monday.
It was a disappointing day yesterday.
I had traced all the states during the week.
I traced the US map onto the backing fabric (the tan on the left)
First state figured out I had traced and didn't reverse. :(
So, now I have to retrace and hope the fabric I picked is large enough for the reverse.
Just more work and more Steam a Seam to accomplish this quilt.
Next on the one design wall is the T-shirt pillows.
I got the extra rows off, so I can now figure out what size pillows to make.
I stalled on this one again.
The quilt is hanging on the banister waiting on small borders.
Then the hummingbird blocks are leader/ender.
I need to focus on the Irish Stars Blocks by cutting out the star blocks. 
Next the next T-shirt quilt needs the sashing "starred" to make friendship stars. 
All of these things need to be done in April.
Guess I need to get busy instead of being on the computer.

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evaj said...

Thank you very much for your inspiration on the Show and Tell Monday / Bambi