Monday, April 16, 2018

Motivational Monday

9 - 15 April 2018

1. Quilt CIL
After some trials, I got this one quilted.
Now to help out by binding it.

2. Keep working on studio
My basket of fabric that gets tossed in is fairly clean this week.
Been doing smaller bags/boxes and like the feel that things are getting put away.
Yes, there will always be more to do

3. Under Tulle Post Card

4. Organization Challenge
I think I'll work on my desk, the cutting table and the pressing table.
Flat surfaces still need more help.
I'm not sure if this one will every be complete.

I do like my desk.
I have that pile of papers that need something done with them this week, so that works.
It was dusted and items were tossed or put where they belong.
I suppose I do like things around me, but need to have more order than I did have.

cutting Table
This one normally is fairly good, because if it isn't I can't use it.
I have projects that I'm working on now on it, and that is OK.
I'd like a shelf that I would put those pincushions on at the back of the cutting mat.

Pressing Table
It's in use.
I think that is I would just get the Irish stars done, much of this would go away.
The things on the pressing table are things I'm working on.

5. Quilt T-shirt quilt
Not quilted, but it is ready to load.

I got one bag cleaned out and put away.
Much of it was papers, where do they all come from?
I found my doodling notebook. I think that could be fun to play in.
I hope to go through some more things this week.

7. Re-trace on background fabric and fuse states to the Map Quilt
Stalled on it, so I need to focus this week.

8. Continue to work on Clemens T-shirt quilt
I have one more piece of sashing to piece.
It is the leader ender for the other T-shirt quilt.

it was a slow week and I had a headache week, so not much was accomplished, well, little things were accomplished.

16 - 22 April 2018

1. Bind CIL

2. Keep working on studio

3. Under Tulle Post Card

4. Organization Challenge

5. Quilt T-shirt quilt

7. Re-trace on background fabric and fuse states to the Map Quilt

8. Continue to work on Clemens T-shirt quilt

Design Wall Monday

Linking to Design Wall Monday.

My main design wall has the next T-shirt quilt on it.
I am working on the sashings.
I think I have one more double star point to add and I can get this one together.
It is for a silent auction, so it is fairly quick.
You can see the other one ready to load
I finally got the backing together and as soon as I press it, I'll load this.
I got frustrated with the state quilt, so it is in the same state a it was last time.
I have to work on it this week, so I'll make a goal to focus on a few at a time.
I know when I get it going, I'll enjoy seeing it come together. 
The other design wall looks bare, because I stated on one of the pillows.
I need to get those Irish Stars cut and ready to piece.
the cutting is what takes the time, because it goes together quickly after that,

I didn't have a great week because I had things to do outside the house and when I got home I had headaches that would not go away.
Hoping you have a great week.


fabricpixie said...

love that firist quilt, white with triangles ... I've not seen that pattern before.

great work Meloney!

warm quilt hugs, sue in CA

Louise said...

Oh, the CIL quilt is really gorgeous! I'm sorry to hear you suffer with headaches. I have occasional migraines, so I understand how it can really set you back :(

swooze said...

Do you quilt through the printing and design on your T-shirt’s?