Monday, April 23, 2018

Design Wall Monday

These are for the pillows.
I think that middle one needs an adjustment, because I don't like how off the bottom right is from the rest.
The two sections on the either side will be one pillow.
I have the other part of the one that is together ready to sew back together.
I think the three across the bottom will be either a roll pillow or I'll put one of the extras I have with it.
the rest of this T-shirt quilt is at the sewing machine getting the next column together.
Once I get the center done, I'll be making 4 stars for cornerstones on the border and then a plain border.
It is close to being done. 
Need to work on the states.
Maybe that is something I could take and do when I'm watching TV?
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Judy Hansen said...

Your to-do list impresses me. I have been out of town for two separate trips in April, so not much has been accomplished here. Good luck with the blocks for pillows on your design wall. Thanks for linking with Design Wall Monday, I appreciate you. Judy