Sunday, April 1, 2018

April Projects

I joined in on a number of Challenges to help me focus on my UFOs and such.
I love the accountability and will keep reporting.
I'm putting them all in one post because it's easier to keep track of. 
This is the current status of the projects I've not completed.

 Elm Street OMG - April, March, February & January - Lisa T-shirt Quilt

Get It Done - February 1. Ann's 2006 NYE project

March  - 8. Jo's Club Teal & Brown

April - Copper & Teal Quilt

6 & 6 - April, March -Work on Clemen's T-shirt quilt

APQ - March #3 - Fall Quilt

April - Map of Texas

Scrap Attack - March -Green

I have two green drawers and I didn't get much of them sorted this month.
My green Irish stars is finished.
I did not get the drawers sorted hardly at all.
I lost my mojo on doing that daily.

April color is Brown.
This drawer will be used on the map I'm doing for DD's History teacher, so it might as well be sorted at the same time.

Color Challenge - March - Yellow
I made a yellow Easter Egg,
Does that count?

April Color is Orange.

January Number 2 - Alphabet Panel

March Number 32 - Christmas Stockings -- Dragon for Jon

February Number 53 - Fall Panel 1

April # 61 - Fluffy Pillow

#79 - Hummingbird blocks

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