Wednesday, April 11, 2018


I'm always looking for better ways to figure out what to keep and what to share with others.
Sarah at Early Bird Mom is talking about decluttering today.
She found a site that has a 20/20 rule.
That might just make some things easier to pass on.
though, DH and I are doing a fairly good job at sharing when the Texas Paralyzed Vets pick up in our area or the Children's Hospital truck comes by, or any other group that tells us they are picking things up.
We normally have a couple of bags or boxes for their use.
It's the sentimental things that are harder to pass on.
I am working through the extra bedroom, and I'm going to show a shameful photo.
When I was going through the closet, I had no place to put this "stuff" and it is piled on the bed.
Much of it is wrapping "stuff" and if I were to use the 20/20 rule, it could go.
I will probably keep the wrapping paper itself, but the "saved" tissue paper can go.
The ribbons can probably go too, since I don't normally think to use them.
So, when I tackle this again, I think the 20/20 rule will be used.
Just so you can finish reading on a pretty note, here is a Covered In Love quilt I'm working on today.
I love viney swirls.

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