Thursday, April 7, 2016


So, whenever I bring anything into the studio, I worry about where to put it.
I guess I'm doing better about using what I have, because after removing one pillow form, this is how the cabinet looked.
I have space for the Go! and dies. 
I had to play with the dies.
It was fairly easy to use.
I can see how it could get tiring, but it worked and that is a good thing. 
I cut hearts, flowers, stems and circles.
I know I'll want more dies, but that can wait for now.
Wish there was a way to purchase them for less. 
After folding up the GO!, it fits nicely on the bottom shelf and allows the door to close.
I had to move my ribbon making supplies to the top shelf.
I found more ties for that tie quilt that I want to make but hate taking them apart,.==. 
The heat press will not fit in the studio.
This is outside the master bedroom and under that window is the window seat my UFOs are stored in.
So, it is not that far away, but I'm beginning to take over more of the house.
I'm not sure that is a good idea, but until I figure something else out, it will work.
Everything is put away in its place.

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Lorena's Quilting said...

I told you, you would find a place. I hope you enjoy these toy and fabric.