Saturday, April 16, 2016

Making progress

I have the bag container in the corner and it takes up less room than the other things did.
In front of it is the red rolling bag with the good bags in it.
Next is a box I need to have some energy to go through.
On top of it is a box of my Dad's memories.
It has his rank changes and some old photos.
There are two containers of batting that will most likely be used for the pillows.
The purple bin has old ties if I'd ever want to make a tie quilt. 
It is all dusted and vacuumed.
I still need to clean off the long arm table and clean the long arm.
The curtains hold long term projects that I continually work on.
This area in front of the long arm is still a mess, but I ran out of energy.
That is for another day.
I found lots of stuffing for the pillows, so I think we are OK with what we need to make.
I tossed some machine parts for a machine I don't own anymore.
I got rid of another 12 yards of fabric that was hiding over there.
I think I might have a place for some of the yarn too.

Overall, it was a productive process.

I also have the binding ready to sew down on Olivia.

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