Monday, April 18, 2016

Prairie Moon Organization Challenge

Last week I decided to clean off the two shelves above my windows.
I actually paid DD to help me with it.
There was so much dust it was making me ill.
Maybe this will help
This long one was so full of dust. 
She took everything off, dusted it, and I helped to get them back up there. 
We did this one earlier in the week.
The teal container has all the cards and letters in it.
I feels better in the room to have them dusted.
Then, I cleaned behind the long arm and it looks better.
I think I need to re-vacuum it because of the dust that came off the long shelf.

So, this week is to revisit something we've done before.
I think I am going to pick work on paperwork.
I am doing better with it, but I do still have owners manuals for things I don't own anymore, so that will be the focus this week.

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