Saturday, April 16, 2016

Making a mess

Mess Making

Do you ever get started on one thing and it leads to another?

Well, that is what is happening to me this week.
I have the challenge to clean off the who decorative shelves.
We have one and a half done.
DD is helping me because she doesn't like me to climb.
Oh the dust. :(

So, we are behind the long arm and I hate the mess back there.
So, we brought the bags out to put in the China container (it's round).
That led to me going through all the bags and finding one with mold on it.
That led to me looking at all the yarn under the long arm that has been rolling out of the wicker bin.
So, now I have a mess.
That round china container has lots of tote type bags, you know, the ones that are free.
It is FULL.
Do I need them? 
Sometimes I've used up to 30, so maybe/maybe not.
The white bin on top is full of lots of craft supplies that I don't have room for in the craft closet.
That should tell me something.
There is a red rolling bag that has some good larger totes in it. 
That bin to the left covered in the crocheted piece is full of yarn.
No good yarn, just yarn.
The blue square under bed container on the right is full of yarn too.
Now, it is not all over the floor, but contained.
I hope some of the places we volunteer can use yarn.
I'll donate it. 
This mess of batting is bothering me.
We are making pillow forms for a program this summer, and I imagine some of this will go to those.
Any case, I need to get it more organized and not behind the long arm.
I'm not sure what else I'm going to find back there, but it will be found.

DD is going to do the vacuuming for me. 
She is good at doing a detailed job of it, so that is a great help. 

So, before it is better, it is a MESS.

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