Thursday, May 28, 2009

Where's the week gone?

I've been busy, but no a finish yet.

The red and tan quilt is almost done. I have one side of the binding and the label to sew down. Yes!!

The purple quilt has been quilted and the binding needs to be sewn down. I stitched the label out tonight, so it is ready too.

I've started the extra quilt with the cross blocks I already have on hand. I am setting them in a cross layout. So, that should be interesting.

DH is gone on his house hunting trip, so life has been crazy. I am finally ready with the early bird registration for scouts and the horseback riding paperwork for tomorrow. That will be a fun time for the girls. I'm not driving, so I am going to work on the bindings of the 2 quilts. YES! Maybe they both will be done by the time this weekend is over.

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