Sunday, May 3, 2009

Carolina Crossroads

Well, I quilted Carolina Crossroads. I was not sure what was going on with this quilt. I had border problems, which were a problem from the beginning on this quilt. I got it done. I'm happy to have the binding on ready to hand stitch down. So, now when I go in the car and DH is driving, I'll have something to work on.

Now to do the label. Vicki already digitized it for me. Thank you Vicki!!!

In the down time, I have been working on the purple quilt. Did I tell you all the work I did before was wrong? Got my colors mixed up and in this quilt placement is an important aspect. So, I am working on it again. We shall see how quick I can get it done.

Now, I have NO quilts to be quilted. Nothing in the waiting line and none close to being doing. So, It is a piecing time for me.

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