Sunday, January 17, 2016

some progress

So, today was a strange day.
After church I started to work on things.
then after lunch I was not feeling well and still don't, so I napped.
that did not help with the progress. LOL
I did get the Christmas tree fused.
Now to add the two borders, stitch the pieces in place and quilt it. 
Quilted Lana's Christmas tree quilt and made the binding.
Need to sew binding on and might stitch it down, but only if my thumb feels OK tomorrow. 
I got all the black frame done on this fall quilt.
The decision to use orange around the green that was already made is OK (see the right corner).
Yellow cornerstones will need to be cut. 
My t-shirt quilt is about where it was last week.
I had to get the applique off the pressing table to do the T-shirts and it didn't happen until late.

I also went through some booster paperwork to get it sorted and out of my house.

Monday will have me trying to focus on this more.

1 comment:

dq said...

I love your tree that you fused. A friend of mine made me that in a wall hanging a few years ago and I think it is so pretty.

Good luck with all of your projects and I hope you feel better.