Saturday, January 9, 2016

Not exactly quilting

So, in cleaning off my area where the embroidery machine needs to go back, I found a thread Christmas ornament.
I took the time to add in more and more and more threads.
I save the threads in the pincushion thread holders.
I have 3 around the room.
One at the long arm.
One at the embroidery machine, which always has prettier threads.
One at the sewing machine. 
I use the class craft ball and just stuff and stuff and stuff in the threads.
I use a bamboo skewer to get them in and swirl them around.
It takes lots of thread to make it full.
This time I added two jingle bells around the top and tied with gold ribbon.
I wrote Merry Christmas 2015 with a Sharpie.
When I tried writing with silver or gold, it looked washed out.
Today I am dropping by the quilt group and passing out to the two ladies who don't have one from me.

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