Monday, January 4, 2016

2016 Prairie Moon Studio Organization Challenge

I'm thankful to join in on the 2016 Prairie Moon Studio Organization Challenge.
This week's challenge is:
Deal with paper clutter

OK, so if you want to add something snarky about the about of paper clutter I have, please don't.
I already know I have a problem, so I don't need your criticism.

I have been working at it, which is why it is bad right now.
I realized that I had bags and boxes hidden that need to be gone through.
I'm posting it here to make sure I realize how far I've come when I do get it under control
This blue bag contains old magazines that were hiding.
It also has some old paper files that I need to go through.
The brown bag is actually one of my row by row UFOs.
I need to work on the bag before it is stored until I am ready to do them. 
The green bag is all the filing, including the owners manuals that were in another container.
 I need to find a home for our owners manuals.
The flowered bag is full of booster paperwork that I need to finalize and pass on.
The purple bag is my essential oil paperwork and books that do not have a home.
I need to find a home for it.
 The lime green bag is Girl Scout things.
I need to do what I need to do with them and put them back where they belong.
They do have a home and it is not out in the studio.
This container is almost empty.
I've been working on it and have tossed two trash bags full of papers. 
This pile is two more boxes of "things".
There is lots of paperwork in there, including some of Mom's stuff.
There is no order to it, so it is overwhelming me.
I'm working on it a few pieces at a time. 
It might be slow, but some is better than no progress.
I make a deal with myself sew a chain pieced on a quilt and then deal with paper, press and sew....
Over the holidays my desk got completely out of control.
I need it cleaned up by tomorrow when school starts again.
The little white table (on the right hand side under the paper) is where I do my work while DD uses the desk for school.
It needs to be cleaned off and usable by tomorrow.

The papers downstairs are minimal.
I will see what is there and work through it.
I have a bankers box to put 2015 files in.
I plan to start on Turbo Tax when DD is not on the computer.

I am thinking to have two containers for paper - one for upstairs and one for downstairs.

When I accomplish something, I will post about it and show you a beautiful studio when the paper is under control.

Thanks for being kind.

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Shelly said...

I have nothing snarky to say -- I'm right there with you, which is why this is such a necessary challenge for me to start off with this year. Oh, the piles! I'll be so glad to throw even more away. I like your plan of just doing a little each time you look at it. Baby steps will eventually add up!