Saturday, June 6, 2015


Spent the day with the band for graduation.
It's 8 pm and I'm just getting to my stuff.

I am still going through my magazines.
I had lots of time at the graduation before it started and on the bus.
I went through 20 or more magazines today.
Kept about half of them.
Still more to go.
This is a huge improvement from when I started, but will keep on going through them.

I probably always have 10 things to deal with.
I'll pick the next one when I finish one.
1.  Get all the cups downstairs to be washed. 
DONE, now to keep it that way.
2.  File Mom's paperwork.

My sewing machine is going to the shop on Monday.
I know because I have to be out that way for something else.

I started quilting the Christmas animal quilt to have the binding to do on the road trip tomorrow.
If my thread stops breaking, it will be done fairly quickly.

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