Monday, June 15, 2015

Design wall Monday

Check out Judy's sites for other inspiration.

This is actually my Lovely Year of Finishes too.
I think I found the setting blocks looking through old magazines. 
T-shirt quilt is coming along.
All pieces have been stabilized. 
These 3 need to be stitched on a larger piece.
The shirts were cut before I got them to wear as tank tops.
I can't get a square of any size out of them.
So, my solution will be to stitch them to another piece of stabilized t-shirt material.
Now the fun begins to figure out how they all go together.
I need to space out the blues more.


Bonnie said...

Remember to think out of the box on these shirts. Try running some of the smaller pieces vertically instead of horizontal. It works pretty well.

kwiltnkats said...

Bonnie brings up an interesting thought. Sure would add interest to this memory quilt. Sandi

Ramona said...

I just finished a t-shirt quilt myself. You have some great shirts for yours. And I agree with Bonnie's idea! Have fun with it!