Thursday, June 11, 2015

Prairie Moon Organization Challenge

Prairie Moon is challenging us to organizing things in our studio.
Last week we were to pick something we had done before and this is my summary.

I probably always have 10 things to deal with.
I'll pick the next one when I finish one.
1.  Get all the cups downstairs to be washed. 
DONE, now to keep it that way.
2.  File Mom's paperwork.
Not yet finished, but it is all ready to be filed.
3. Find and pass out the fundraiser information.
Need to copy it and get it done.

We are on our way to take the sewing machine in.
It is in the shop and will be done by 3 July 2015.
I have a second machine, so that is no trouble.
I had my list and hope they can fix it all.

This week, the challenge is

Clean out one drawer

I think I will pick drawers under my pressing table.
I don't get into these drawers often.
It looks like a template drawer and a triangles on a roll drawer.
Who knows, I might find things I'd like to use. 

1 comment:

Shelly said...

They look very interesting! I hope you find some fun stuff!