Saturday, June 20, 2015

Special Reach pillow

I'm running a "quilting" booth at the Special Reach summer program on Friday.
I am going to have them color on muslin and I'll bring it home to make into a quilt.

But, then I thought they should be able to bring something home with them.
I am making pillows that have the muslin in the center to allow them to color.
I'll heat set them and they can take them home.

I have cut 20 pillows and sewn these two.
I want to get the cutting done and then just assembly line sew them.
Might get DD involved in ironing them after they are turned.

One I tried it to see if it would work and it does with the already constructed pillow.

I'm using some novelty fabrics that I have in my stash to put them together.

After I get those 35 pillows constructed, I need to make the pillow forms out of leftover batting.
I think if I use the warm and natural, I'll be able to stuff them with fiberfill and the small pieces I use for dog beds.

This will be a win win for me because I'll use some stash and some leftover batting stash.

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