Thursday, June 18, 2015

Prairie Moon organization challenge

Prairie Moon has us working together for accountability.

This week has us 

Work on organizing your magazines or books

I've been going through my books and magazines along with all the other things we have worked on.
These are the patterns I need to organize and decide to keep or not.
I thought I was close to getting through my magazines and wouldn't you know it, I found more downstairs.

We are re-carpeting our front room and that is where all my other books are.
These are both quilting and non-quilting books.
I am moving them off the shelving and will go through them before they are put back on the shelves.
This will take more than a week because they don't carpet until 30 Jun 15.
Maybe I will start the culling process before then.
I also need to put the magazines I've decided to keep up on the shelf.
I don't like to climb without someone being around, so they are neatly in magazine files ready to go on the top shelf.
Maybe I can get my DS to do it for me?

One goal I want to do is to actually challenge myself to using some of the patterns I've marked.

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Shelly said...

That's a good idea! I have decided that if I never plan to make any pattern in that magazine, then it has to go. Some I keep for an article I might want to refer to, but my hope is that by having fewer of them, I'll be able to find that article when I want to refer to it!