Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Progress Report

I'm still working on the magazines.
I only have a few more to go.
Then I have these "idea" pages I need to go through and decide if I want to keep them. 
T-shirt quilt has one more column to sew together.
Lots of shirts, lots of memories.
I will be putting a cotton border on it for stability in quilting. 
Baby clothing squares.
I am still working on them as leader/enders.
They are going down and I'm feeling good about this.
I still have more to cut out.
It takes a whole day 10 - 3 of cutting to get one gallon baggie half full.
Lots of time went into this one.
I think I finally thought of a good setting.
I had the idea of courthouse steps.
I have done too many of them and decided I didn't want to do them again.
I thought about double irish chain.
Decided it was too fussy.
I had a pattern for a star with the embroidery in the center and pinwheels as alternate blocks.
No, too fussy.
I am just going to border a nickle charm with scrappy 2.5" strips.
I think I want each block to be the same fabric, but other than that, anything brown goes.
I used this horseshoe fabric in a table runner that I use in the family room.
I think this is going to be my quilt for the family room recliner.
I'm excited and love the idea.
Now to cut 7 more center squares.

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