Sunday, February 24, 2008

Bad end of week

Well, I was sewing away and then life hit me on Wed. DD broke her finger and we had issues with the way the school handled it. Had meetings at the school. DD couldn't do the things she enjoys (Karate and Horseback riding), so it was more Mom and DD time. :) We also had our Girl Scout Thinking Day activity and ended up there all morning and at a cookie booth in the evening. I slept in between because I'm still trying to recover from this cold.

Saturday was a record day at the mailbox. I received a beautiful potholder for a Pay It Forward even. I tried it on my blog, but no one was playing. :(

I received my winnings from Stashbusters for the WIPs and WHIMMs that I worked on in 2007. I won the pot twice, and they came. Now to figure out what to do with these strips.

I also did the Valentines wall hanging from Freda's Hive she sent me two patterns and a pin to work on. Wow, that is a wonderful gift. Thank you!

I'm hoping I can play with these things some today.

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Desi said...

Congrats on your winnings and I'm sorry to hear about DD's injury. When my DD broke a finger, it was the beginning of a holiday weekend, so she had to wait to see the doctor. But all is well now. Are you anywhere near San Antonio? We'll be visiting there next month and I love to meet up with other charity quilters when we travel.