Saturday, February 9, 2008

Small Quilting Group

I didn't think I would get there today, because of a Girl Scout Cookie Booth. But, a few parents stepped in and I was about to run the cookies out and pick them up AND do some quilting.

I birthed the Greek Flag, but still need to fix a couple of things because of the type of material involved.

I worked on heartstrings quilt and am having some troubles. Not exactly sure what is wrong, but it isn't lining up. :(

I made 2 blocks of ocean waves. That means I have 8 done. Lots more to go.

None of us really finished anything, but we have a fun day.Wanda working on her stuff.Lana working on her stuff.Glenna's first time with us. She's the quiet one.
Look what I got in the mail today. This was partially from my SS on MQP. I had to order more when she passed on a gift certificate to me. Woo hoo. Now I need some fun quilts to tackle.


Anonymous said...
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Mary said...

If you mean the center strings aren't lining up - I wouldn't worry about it - the variation adds to the charm. If it's the block seams that aren't lining up when assembled, I'd suggest using a walking foot. With the extra layer from the muslin a walking foot seems to help me.

Kim said...

8????? THat's it???? you better get back in the sewing area tomorrow I'm working on ow and I have 30 something done :)