Sunday, December 23, 2007

Winter Solstic

One of my on-line groups has a Winter Solstic exchange. I actually should have opened this on Saturday, but I've not been home enough to do that. So, I opened it today. We had certain things we needed to find and package for our partner.
Look what I got.
To help me enjoy winter, I have a snowman vest to make and a Claus from Oz to put together.
Her winter celebration memory included soup when company came, so I have some vegetable soup mix. It is getting colder here, so I will be enjoying that.
The item only for me is a coaster with a tea cup in the center and has my name embroidered on the bottom, and it has a favorite color of lavendar on it.
The promis of a new year has some wonderful springy fabric, carrot seads and cardinal climber seeds. My DD will LOVE to help me plant them in the spring.
My something to give away is some home sweet home buttons. I get to keep one and give one away. I'm thinking I might just make a PC and send it on to a friend.
My recycled (used book) and recyclable gift was the book "Buried in Quilts" and "What I learned from god While Quilting" I love to read, so these will be used and I'll figure out when to pass them on. They were wrapped in wonderful Christmas fabric.
My quilty thing was a pincushion basket with spools of thread around it. I've seen this pattern, but have not made one. It was wrapped in green fabric and tied with this beautiful blue ribbon.
My "green" bag is a black bag from Fred Meyer.
I also received a star Christmas ornament.
Wow, I was a lucky person to receive this gift.

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Kim said...

cute stuff- I can't wait to see you make Klaus. VBG
Hope you get to sew soon :)