Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Teacher towels

I embroidered 23 teacher towels yesterday. I need a couple more, but ran out of towels. LOL I had that many in the house. I think I bought too many over the year. We folded them and wrapped them with ribbon last night. DH suggested candy canes and chocolate. So, I should do that tonight after scouts.

I gave the ladybug quilt to a teacher that is going to get it to Shelly, so I hope it is OK for her.

Here is the label Vicki put together for me for Aunti Elizabeth's quilt.

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Kim said...

Very nice- all those towel wow!!! I love the label, so are you getting embird or not for Christmas??? Nosey friends want to know.:P
I got a memory stick and have been unzipping and filing ( like I should have to start with) all my e files and I'm loving it.