Saturday, December 15, 2007

The Misfits secret Santa opening

OK, I am trying my best to get this this opened. LOL The scissors won't even cut through all the tape - she must have used an industrial tape to make sure it won't explode in the PO. LOL

It's opened. Woo Hoo. There is a letter inside. Apparently my Secret Santa decided to goad me into making comments on the group. LOL How easily I am manipulated.

My first one is not wrapped and I got some yummy looking Chocolates. They are mine -- no one else gets them. (So, there!) She was going to send the hand dipped in chocolate coconut creams, but that would have been the downfall of my DH, so she just sent me the chocolates. THANK YOU!!!

My something handmade -- she says not from her is a beautiful wall hanging. I love it! It has Santa in the center of stars. These look lots like the stars Marianne made on my retirement quilt. Did you just happen to find them like that? They are hand quilted. Wow, I don't have a hand quilted Christmas wall hanging. Now to find where to hang it up. Beautiful and fun. Of course, the stars are red, my favorite color. It was tied with a 2.5" strip -- are you taking after Kim? LOL DH says - wow, that is nice.

And she was worried about the way she wrapped the gifts. LOL Interesting design and great use of masking tape. :)

ooooh look at these neat note cards were inside. They have different Christmasy things on the front. They were wrapped in red fabric. Now, what could be better than fabric for wrapping paper?

more red fabric. Oh boy, I received Marti Michell perfect patchwork templates. Kim has been telling me about these. Now, I bet Marianne asked Kim about these and Kim started talking about them and I said I didn't have them. Hummm, was there some help in getting these gifts? LOL They are perfect. I need to make some of those 54-40 blocks and keep delaying. Now I don't have a reason. Wow!

another beautiful red wrapped gift. I wonder if folks are really tired of me complaining about now doing applique? LOL I received "applique 12 easy ways" by Elly Sienkiewicz. LOL Now, I guess I'm going to have to try it. LOL Yes, I know it is sideways, but I'm not going to turn it now!

It was floppy and started to come apart, so I opened it quickly. LOL For my 6th gift, I got some lovely pinwheels with buttons in the center. They are red, of course, and white. Now, I thought that they might become UFOs, but not the case. I remembered that the blue and white Christmas quilt I just finished was special to me and I was going to give it away. But, now I have red and white blocks I can whip up a quilt for the friend that is in the hospital. Yea! Perfect timing.

Look at all the wrapping paper, I love the red. I'm going to be using it all. Thank you!

Wow, I am lucky with what I got from my secret Santa -- THANK YOU Marianne!!!!

This was fun, and I hope Marianne was not too stressed out. I know she did a WONDERFUL job with my presents.

Now to play today. It is windy and cold here in central Texas. Yuck!

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