Sunday, December 9, 2007

Sunday happenings

Update for Judy L for the week.
Didn't get much done this week. If you look back, you can see the results.
I made 4 Prayer squares for the church. They used up 4 UFO blocks, and all from my stash.
I put the borders on my Christmas Quilt.
I made 60 of the first step of Bonnie Hunters myster
I started to get the backing done for the birthday quilt.
Did the QWL quilting and a binding this week.

Everything I did was from stash, and I didn't buy anything this week. DH did ask about fabric for Christmas, so my stash will probably be increasing.


JudyL said...

You did a lot! If someone wants to buy fabric for me, I'll take it and not feel bad about it at all. We're not trying to get rid of *everything*, just use some of what we have. I'll be anxiously awaiting seeing what you get for Christmas!

Alycia said...

well - I am impressed!! And that you thought to use your stash first for the mystery!! Good job

Mel said...

Thanks for the positive reinforcement. :)
Sometimes get too hard on myself.
I am doing my best to use stash and UFOs FIRST. LOL Lord only knows how much help I need.