Sunday, December 2, 2007

Sunday evening post

Well, to continue with the Judy L request, I wanted to update on what I've accomplished this week. One great thing, I've not bought any fabric. Yeah!!!! But, on the sewing arena, I've not accomplished much.

The QWL project is coming along. I have 3 quilts ready to mail off. Two of the quilts were bound this week. Wanda brought back one, and I finished the other binding today. I'm not supposed to do the bindings, because it takes too long, but I needed one to work on and decided to do it anyway. LOL Wanda had hers before I found out I needed to not worry about the bindings.

I have another one of them being loaded -- about half there. I got sidetracked because I lost my wallet. We could not find it anywhere, so I lost most of one day looking for the silly wallet. Where was it? Under a chair beside the refrigerator in the garage.

I have to share the ice skating photo of DD. Isn't she beautiful. She is not one that wants to do the ice skating again, because it was not lots of fun. But, she tried it and now knows it is not for her. LOL
I have all the postcards ready for the Christmas postcard swap, so that is helpful.
I almost forgot, but I got all the FQs ready for mailing on 2 birthday swaps. They were 100% from my stash. Not bad. I'm thankful that some folks added something other than civil war fabric. LOL
Because of the looking for the wallet, I cleaned up the sewing area. Didn't know how it would have got up here, but had to see. LOL That is a good thing.
Praying that things will settle and I can work on some projects this week. I need to have some things ready to take to my quilting event on Sat, so that is a goal of mine.

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