Monday, November 19, 2007

What a fun day

I received a package in the mail from Judy Nein from Middletown, OH. Now, that is wonderful, but my problem, I don't know who this is and what it is for. I thought maybe it was my Secret Stitcher, but no, not her. So, if anyone has a clue on where I can say thank you, please let me know. Maybe I need to go to each group and put a comment on them. LOL

I also made purse for a secret Santa swap. I put together some gifts for the different swaps I'm in and got some teacher items put together, so, I made progress.

I've embroidered a few things, and made a mess of a few. I thought something was FSL and it was not. :( So, now I'm doing it again with a different method. LOL

Mom, DD and I got our nails done. DD got leaves put on her nails. I got flowers. Mom didn't get any design, just pink.

I finished the QWL binding, so it is done and ready to mail off.

I have another one almost loaded on the long arm. Once loaded it won't take long to do.

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