Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Long Arm day

I started the day with finishing the QWL quilt. That is now ready for binding.

I loaded a baby quilt for a little boy that I did with the duckies. I quilted feathered hearts in the open blocks and then hearts in the alternate blocks. I wondered why I was feeling sore in my left side. Well, I got the flu shot yesterday and it is bothering me.

I finished making the corn pack for my friend Darlene. It is a large pack, so I divided the inside into 6 sections. I think next time I should be more careful how much corn is in each section and keep it more even. I heated it for 5 minutes and it was too warm for me, so I think a shorter time would work. It fit across my shoulders and under my hips really well. I tested it. LOL

My next step is to get the backing ready for the baby girl quilt and then get it quilted.
So, I would say I've had a fairly productive day.

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