Wednesday, November 7, 2007


I've been working on how to applique and embroider. I think I'm learning. I have lots to learn. It seems I really need to get different stabilizers, because I think I should be hooping things, but it appears that I should hoop a stabilizer and then tack the item on top of the stabilizer. ?????

I made a door hanger. Problem, the hole that it was to go around the door knob is too small for my door knobs. I didn't think Texans had larger door knobs too. LOL So, I had to modify it.

Then, I remembered I had some embroidered postcards I had bought. So, I also had a birthday post card I needed to make, so I used that and played with it. It turned out OK, but I forgot to add a different fabric over the stiffy.

I also remembered that I had this get well embroidered postcard and I had a get well card I needed to send, so I made one of those too.

So, I got a Christmas gift and 2 postcards done tonight.

I also started to quilt the baby quilt that has been ready to load for days. I decided on a small meandering heart. Only trouble, I made the hearts small and close together, so it takes about one bobbin per pass. LOL There will be lots of love in this quilt. I've done 2 passes, but I noticed that I was getting tired, so I stopped. I'll finish it up tomorrow. Then, the binding will go on and I'll have one less boy baby quilt to do.

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