Saturday, November 10, 2007

Quilting group day and private retreat

Today was the day my small quilting group meets. It is a wonderful group of ladies and we had a new person join us. Welcome, Renee.

Judy came by for a bit and brought pumpkins she was making. They are so cute. She has so many wonderful ideas and I hope she teaches us how to make this someday.

Lana is our group organizer and she was working on a table runner. This was the first time she "birthed" a quilt. She now has to make 3-D poinsettias to add to the top of the table runner. Aren't the colors wonderful?

Wanda brought in her strip quilt she was working on last time. What wonderful batiks those are. Fun quilt.

This month, she was working on sunbonnet sues for a quilt for her granddaughter. She got half of them done before she had to leave us. The background is white, but something didn't photograph well. She still needs to do the embellishment on the blocks.
I got lots done today, unlike last month when none of us could get motivated. LOL

I worked on a birthday block for a group and it is finished and I tried a new block with 1.5" hst. I actually like this block (Midnight moths)
I took one of my UFOs that I had started but lost the dark green fabric. When I found it, I put it with the UFO and here it is. I think this is going to Aunti Elizabeth for her 90th birthday. I love the blocks, but I know she will appreciate it and maybe it will bring some comfort to her.

Mom is having some issues about not having anything to do, so I put together this fleece blanket that she can tie the ends. That should be something she can do and we can donate it to a children's program or a nursing home.

These are called "My Blue Heaven" from quilters cache. This is for a group I'm on and their plan for an anniversary type quilt. I think they are putting them together and donating to someplace for the anniversary of the group.

This is for an anniversary quilt that needed to be done in 30's and Kona White. I like the blue one, but not the purple flowered one. The fabrics are too light.

I also put the binding on the baby quilt done by Marge's instructions. I'll finish the handwork on that next week.
When I got home, I working on the mystery that I'm testing. I have one more clue to do and I'll be done with that one. It is beautiful. I think everyone is going to enjoy this quilt. I'll have to make another one when it is done as a group.
Lana brought back one of the QWLs and I found out that Wanda doesn't have the one DH took to work for her. She is going to go by and get it on Tuesday. Lana took another one to work on too. So, I have enough to mail a box off on Tuesday. That will be good. I need to quilt a few more to have on hand.
so, overall, I think I had a VERY productive day.

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