Friday, November 16, 2007

delivery day

Good thing I got Mrs Penshorn's quilt to her. Today was her last day before her delivery. She said she is having issues with balance and all, so she is ready for the substitute and is taking off.

I went ahead and finished the one for Mrs Pevoto, because I was not sure if she would be back after vacation next week.

I went to a doctors appointment -- 4 hours away from home. I have 3 sides of a QWL finished and will work on the other tomorrow. I am needing to quilt the 10 QWLs quickly.

Tonight I had to work on a round robin that is late. I just got it, but I got it 6 weeks late. So, I want to get this finished quickly. I'm putting a vase on it. I don't do applique, so this is a difficult one for me.

I have a a QOV ready to load. I think it is going to be difficult to do, because it is an intersting pattern. One thing I can expect is that is flat. This lady is wonderful in her piecing.

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Kim said...

you're doing applique??? Be still my heart! What's next fabric dyeing?? I can teach you next fall when I'm down if you want.
But it looks good, the vase. I'm so happy to see you work outside that box :)