Friday, November 23, 2007

Black Friday

I was NOT going shopping today, so I stayed home and piddled around the house. LOL

Looking at the Christmas Tree decorating and dancing photos from last night. LOL What fun those 2 kids had. You would not believe they were 17 years apart. DS is such a good sport with his sister. She is a trip and will try anything.

Working on Secret Santa type of packages today. Seems I'm spinning my wheels. LOL I did get one package complete and have 2 more to go.

DD did make a Christmas post card for one of her swaps. Still needs finishing touches, but she is making progress on it.

I quilted a QWL and started to load another one.

DH has been wanting to watch Christmas movies today, so I've been pulled away at odd times.

I pulled out my Christmas Postcards and love them. It was fun to see what I received last year and I look forward to what I'll get this year. I need to get busy and finish up mine.

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Kim said...

I sewed all day too :)
I can sew till around 2 tomorrow and then I need to clean up as we're making Sunday dinner tomorrow and leftovers Sunday before the party for my sis's bday

I'm just about finished with 30 of the blocks for the GS's clap clap but I ran out of bobbins around 10:30 so I called it a ight after cleaning the bobbin area out good- in the morning i will make bobbins and sew what I can to finsh what I started tonight. Oh and I trimmed enough of the scraps I got in the mail to start some 16 patch blocks with 2" squares-lol