Sunday, November 25, 2007

Embroidery machine is down

I forgot to load this last night. DH has been going out for a smoke on his cigar at night. The last few nights have been cold for TX -- below 40. This is him last night out on the back porch. LOL

Put together the secret Santa package. I won't tell which group this one goes to, so don't even try and think about it. I am involved in 3 of them so far. LOL

Well, I am NOT a happy camper. I have this 5 month old embroidery machine and it has been in the shop 2 times already. Not a good track record.
I was making postcards. On my 6th postcard, it stopped allowing me to thread it. Why? Who knows. Nothing worked, so we took it in today. This is a photo of the postcards from me sitting at the computer.
I did quilt QWL #22 today. That means 8 more to go. I really want to get these done quickly. I need to probably adjust the machine again. I saw a few loops on the back.

When we got home, I started working on the sewing room in 15 minute increments. Seems I was making a bigger mess trying to pick up the messes I had. I tend to focus on the project and forget everything else.

I trimmed the QWL and have it ready to mail. Hope to be able to get a few more quilts in the box. I have QWL #23 ready to load. That will be done during another 3 breaks. Clean, read e-mails, do something quilty -- that is the process. LOL
This is a snowman place mat. Tried scrappy again. I need to learn to like this, because I have too many scraps not to like it. I took lots of snowman fabrics and sewed them together. Embroidered (before it broke) the snowman. I have so many folks that collect snowmen that this is a great gift.
I started to do the Planet Patchwork mystery but decided I had so many things going on that I would just collect the clues for later. I really need to focus and finish these gifts. But, many were to be the embroidery ones. I suppose that if I don't have the machine back by Tuesday that I'll get the small one out. Time will tell.
Enough time on the computer. I need to go and load this next QWL and finish it up tonight.
I put up more Christmas decorations, did laundry, and cleaned the kitchen. So, I guess I've had a productive day.

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