Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Let's Bee Social

Let's Bee Social has a link that helps when motivation is low.
You can see so many blogs with what they are working on.

This is a week that I'm working to complete things.
I won't meet all my goals for March, but I'll have made progress.
I'm happy with that.

I have my final quilt being loaded on the long arm.
It's the little Fall quilt.
I hope to get this done soon.

I also have the small Irish Star quilted and waiting for me to sit and bind.
Thread, needle and quilt are waiting by my chair.

Then, of course, I am working on the T-shirt quilt.
The bottom rows should be joined and sewn on the center today.
That will leave me doing the sashing for the top two rows and sewing on the center.
Then I tackle the two sides.
I'll know the correct measurement for the length of the quilt and be able to decide on the cashing for these to fit the quilt.
I might end up needing to use the extra pieces or embroider something. Time will tell on that.

1 comment:

Louise said...

You've been making good progress on all your projects!