Tuesday, January 24, 2017


I found lots of fun things in this bag.
there is a plastic bag holder that I want to use as a pattern.
I put it with things to do.
I found paperwork, yes more paperwork and filed them.
Some things that went in the trash.
2 more things donated 
I found lots of Prairie Moon patterns and filed them in the pattern drawer.
I really need to use more of these. 
the next container was mostly label cartridges and kleenex.
I thought I'd used all of these up.
I think I'll be making more for gifts. 
The purple bag had lots of paperwork in it.
Yes, you are thinking I have too many bags and too much paperwork.
This is exactly WHY I need this challenge more than others. 
I honestly don't know why I have so much not filed, but I do. 
This is the filing for 2017.
I still need to set them up, so it is not filed away yet. 
Purple bag is empty, but I used it to carry around the quilt I needed to bind.
It is a test quilt, so I can't show you the quilt, but it is bound and almost ready for delivery.

My To Do List this week
(yes, I know I won't get it all done, but anything is better than nothing.)
1. 5 WITB
DONE 2. Bind Test Quilt
3. Make label for Test Quilt
4.T-shirt Quilt to top stage
5.Quilt QOV
6. Quilt Patriotic Star
7. Work on Jo's Club
8. Winter Solstice block
9. Make headphone pouch
10. Quilty Fun to Top stage.

I already had the list made before I posted it, so I'm going to count #2 done.
I've done 2 WITB this week so far, so I'm on track there too.
I have one more side of Quilty Fun to sew down and then a quick outer border in yellows.
I hope it is going to be a good week because we don't have anything out of the ordinary this week.
I should be home more.

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