Sunday, January 22, 2017

What's in the bag

I actually did this bag on Saturday, but DD was on the computer lots and I didn't post it.
The bag 
This had velcro, toys, coasters, school supplies, modeling clay.
I needed the modeling clay for Girl Scouts.
Name labels that DD can use for College. 
All have been put in their homes.
I gave away 4 items from this bag.


Sharon Massena said...

You have an incredible number of bags! You have to run out soon, right?

pasovasz said...

Mel, Your progress is gratifying. One bag at a time, done at your own pace, makes this organizing chore a joy! So great to actually use something you forgot you had. Best of luck on your organizing/creative journey. Enjoy it!

Meloney said...

Yes, I'm happy with what I'm doing and finding.
I know I need to do the 2017 files and then do taxes to get that box out of my sewing space. But, I want to sew right now. :)