Thursday, January 5, 2017

WITB & other things

What's in the bag?
I'm not feeling great, well, the whole family is not feeling great, so I picked an easy bag. 
It has a hat that needs washing, so it is in the laundry.
The Christmas items are down with the tree for when I start putting things away this weekend. 
Bag behind long arm waiting to be used again.
I love these little thirty one bags. 
I'm working on a test quilt.
I am quilting a test quilt and can't show you the quilt yet.
I am making swirls to go with the fabric.
I love these colors.


Shelly said...

Ooh, that What's in the Bag challenge would be a scary proposition around here! Hope you're not getting really down sick with anything. Feel better soon.

swooze said...

Hope everyone is feeling better. I was in a little iffy yesterday but seem to feel better today. I went digging in a big box in my long arm last night. Didn't finish it but I found lots of goodies in there. That's always a bonus.

Susan said...

Hope you feel better - don't rush your projects when you're sick.