Sunday, January 15, 2017

Busy weekend

Not much sewing going on.
I did do some cutting and did get the test quilt to the top stage.
DD had a competition and in one of the winners (they call them finalists)
She will be playing her piece in February.
I'm so proud of my trumpet player.
Way to GO!!!

Today was Girl Scouts and YOSA, so we were busy.

I also took down some more of my Christmas decorations.

I picked my next WITB
It is a combination of lots of things, so I will go through it tomorrow.
I don't know of any quilting things to expect, but you never know in these types of boxes.

Tomorrow is a holiday, so I think I will be doing laundry, cleaning up Christmas mess and hopefully quilting some.
I am so close on the patriotic quilt.
Need to sew more of those crumbs together to finish is off.
I'm slowly working on the T-shirt quilt, so that will be a priority too.
I finally have all the HST for the wedding quilt squared up and will place them on the design wall when the T-shirt quilt is off.
I want to quilt the test quilt.
I have another test quilt ready to start, so that will be on the list too.

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swooze said...

Who are all these test quilts for?